Thursday, March 27, 2008

Incompleteness Reigns.

No real progress - many rows, but nothing especially notable. Except for an issue with the green scarf - it had 2 decreases in the repeated pattern, and I only did 1, meaning an additional 40 stitches in the last 10 or so rows. Rather than rip back - as I did for another lace pattern oops, I think I'm going to do the same lace pattern again - but correctly this time, and play off the extra in the middle as intentional. It puckered the fabric a bit, and was done about every 4 stitches, so the additional wasn't that obvious except I was suddenly taking much longer to get done with a row.

Some colors of Paton's Merino Wool Yarn was on sale for half off at Meijer's, which I hadn't noticed them carrying before. It makes me wonder if they are permanently reducing their stock - as it seems like a lot of yarn is half off, and the bare spots on the shelves aren't being refilled.

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