Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red Pepper Suet

It's advertised to repel squirrels but still attract, and not hurt, birds. However, the squirrel was quite happy hanging down and eating it this afternoon, although it seemed to avoid the last red pepper suet cake.

Been cross-stitching again, starting with the one I'd left in my hoop all this time, a Noah's Ark.
The rusty orange is a bit annoying, and the linen is quite rough, with a great deal of variation in the thread size, which makes counting over empty space a rougher task than usual. But in the interest of getting something DONE. I'm working on it. It is definitely a project that makes you appreciate the definition that backstitch gives, though I'm not one to wait until the whole project is stitched anyhow.

The Strasbourg yarn is now mostly a scarf, that is a bit wide, and maybe a bit short, but the garter has a lot of give. The question is: do I want to make a hat? And what yarn would go best, with the less than full ball of Bouton d'Or that I have left? Of course I still need to weave in the ends, making me enjoy being able to join the Caron yarn more (but making me feel an idiot for paying so much for so little yardage.It looks even shorter in this pic.

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