Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Hats

So, last week at Jo-ann's Fabrics they had Lion Brand chenille and Patons Cha-Cha on sale - and the Cha-Cha was only 1 dollar a ball.

So seeing this I thought it'd be perfect for a Santa's hat. Especially since one of the needles I got from Sit and Knit's going out of business sale was a 10 1/2 Clover 12" circular needle. The thing that is holding me back is the gauge. Not sure if my needle size is big enough or what my per inch will be. And you can't really reknit chenille. Heck, it warns you on the label!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

From scarves to hats...

I finished the red wool scarf. Well, except for weaving in the beginning and tail ends... I hate weaving in ends. Which is probably why the afghan I "completed" 3 years ago and that has been on my bed long before that (best place to store a blanket WIP), still has ends to work in. Plus it got gored by the metal frame for my bed, so there's a patch job.

So, having completed the red scarf - as I only had 4 balls of Lion Wool in that lot, from when the local Walmart clearanced out its craft area. Lion Wool has less yardage per skein, and I've been burned by wool-ease balls so often, so I didn't get this until it was about $1.50 per ball. I have 3 more balls in a different lot number (thought I only had 1) so I immediately latched onto the idea of making a matching hat. (Once I confirmed that the Patons red beret I knit and felted (as I knit it far too big) was the wrong color.) However, in small circular needles, I only had a set of size 9 or 10, and with size 8 on the scarf, the gauge was too loose for a hat, so I'm thinking 7 or 6.

This meant, I got distracted and made a nice black hat with the size 4's in the meantime.

Roll brim, ribbed row then an increase, with a circular decrease on the top, trying to flatten it out.

With that done, still distracted, I pulled out some old Wool-ease that I last used on my brother's afghan (that my Mom has in addition to her own 62 is a good house temp with blankets), and have been trying another roll brim, with an diagonal rib.

The problem here is that I started with 160 cast on, as I know that it would be thinner than the Paton's. I went with my double ended 3's, but I stink at multiple needles (I keep making accidental yo's at the new needle) so I went to the circular 4 16" needle, but could see even more light with the rib, so have gone to a 3, and now to the only 2's I have double-ended.

And still there doesn't seem to be the density I want for a hat.