Friday, January 16, 2009

Progress While The Outside is Frigid

2 days of neg temperatures have reaffirmed what I already knew - I hate freezing weather.

But I have a pseudo strummed mitten of my own now.

As a sign that life is weird, the white Paton's Classic Wool I used needed to be a size 3 needle on this mitt, where I used a 4 for the brown pair. I like my thumb much better, but I need to reinforce the base of it with some more white yarn.

Tomorrow the high is supposed to reach the balmy heights of 15 deg F. Glad we had a couple feet of snow, otherwise all my perennials would be dead. As it is, I think my blue hydrangea will have all the exposed branches dead come spring.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Feet

I cannot fall asleep when my feet are cold, and it takes them forever to warm up when they get cold. And the weird thing is my feet sweat even when cold, so adding socks or slippers doesn't really help all that much.

So since most of my socks are cotton, I felt motivated to finally break out the sock yarn I bought a year ago - only to find that I need smaller dpns, 2 will be too loose a knit.

It's the middle of the night, and freezing outside, with inches of snow already fallen and more yet to fall, but since I don't know if the lys has really reopened with the new owner or not (phone # doesn't work). And I don't think Joann's or Hobby Lobby keep in stock the size 1 or 0 bamboo dpns, I think I might skip the sock yarn, and just use wool yarn for a slipper pattern. Wool is supposed to wick away moisture, and, well, I have more Paton's Classic Wool and needles the right size to use with it. But maybe making thick socks would be a good idea - cause my feet freeze quickly when I'm snowblowing...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Cooking Article

Fresh Start for a New Year? Let’s Begin in the Kitchen

Great article. Though I don't agree with the deletion of lemon juice from the fridge. I don't use lemons often enough to stock them.

On the yarn hunt front, the contents of my closets are mostly out of them, and still no yarn. Already checked under the bed, but no joy there either.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Missing and Frustration...

I have had the cuff for the second stranded mitten done for over a week now, but cannot find the other 4 or 5 balls of Aran wool-ease that I have.

Plus, I hate how the inside of the first mitt feels. I think finer wool is usually used for a reason. There's no chance of felting bonding together the threads with 80% acrylic. So I did think of using wool in the second mitt - but then you lose the washable factor, and the decrease of old yarn factor...

I also redid the ribbing on the pink slouch beret hat - again. Still not happy. A size 3 needle seems to have been too tight to get the k2p2 ribbing to pull together, so am going to chase the bottom row with elastic thread.