Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to Knitting...

Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. First frost was in September, along with week of damp cold - then an Indian Summer - that didn't quite qualify due to the previous frost. So no more gardening.

So back to indoor hobbies. Knitting for Christmas is going poorly - mostly because 1 mitten is AWOL. So I couldn't match it's mate to it (winged the pattern), and now am knitting a third. Using sock yarn - and am happy that there is still enough left for the third, but am quite unhappy with myself for the loss of the first. On the upside I've listened to quite a few audio books the past week or two as I tossed my room and cleaned and tossed it again. (Anyone else find that some mystery authors are better abridged? Reich I find is over-peppered with foreshadowing and duh moments in the complete text.) And my speed isn't helped by the fact I accidentally grated the skin of the back of the knuckle of my middle finger making dinner last night. Ouch.