Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall planting.

Summer crisp didn't have a great germ. rate for me - so mostly have swiss chard in the garden for greens. Today I planted little cos, and black seeded simpson - rather heavily as they were older packets and I'm hoping there will be some germination. I also planted an old packet of Detroit red beets (really old packet) and 4 rows of peas 2 of sugar snap and 2 of sugar Ann. I wanted to get them in a week ago - but we had a week of rainy days.

The carrots I planted a few weeks back had 0 germ. So no carrots or parsnips at all this year - think I'm going to try another seed source next year.

The beans are still producing. I'm disappointed in my butternut squash with 3 plants only 2 squash, maybe I should try paintbrush pollination - though I don't know if there will be enough time for a new one to grow before frost. The yellow squash and zuke are puttering out a few every other week - which I don't mind as much at this point in the season as I did 2 months ago.

I have tons of green tomatoes. I was hoping for a little more heat this weekend to push them into the red, but no. Thank goodness I planted early girls - they are practically the only tomatoes I've had this year.

Leaves are falling from the trees (a bit early). And it seems that the weeds have slowed down too - or maybe the desired plants are big and raggedy enough to hide them more.

September already.