Monday, March 10, 2008

The blahs of Winter

Last night I decided that it was too dreary outside for a gray/dark gray scarf and made my ribbed scarf yarn again.

Besides the hat was too small for my head, so why make a matching scarf for a too small hat?

Worked on the lace shawl yesterday and messed up the garter ridge. The whitish marks and arrows here point to my oops.

Don't want to rip back, so am going to attempt to do it with a crochet hook, but am more nervous because it is on the edge.

Went through my cross-stitch projects, and have found I'm missing at least 3 books to 2 of my WIPs. Though Rocking Horse is a longer term issue.It's an old pattern from Leisure Arts, and at the time I was in fourth grade. I have a the chart still, but I had covered it with clear contact paper, and the middle of the pattern is gone from folding...

I know you used to be able to get parts of patterns back from them, so maybe I'll e-mail them and get my oldest WIP finally done. :)

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