Monday, April 7, 2008


Since the last post I have knit 3 dishcloths. Peaches and Cream green mix & one of the remainder of a green with white. I have to say it is quite remarkable how much softer the white is - at least of the few balls I had. I got Sugar & Cream at another store, as Peaches was out in the green var., and found little difference except for pricing and Sugar being Canadian made. The white Peaches was ever so much softer than all the rest, though. In the wash there was pilling and some color bleeding, but the white stayed softer.

One odd thing, I discovered I was rubbing the back tip of my index finger a bit raw - as I kept pulling my finger under as I did the purling for the checkerboard pattern I used. And switching from the cotton back to the felting wool was a different sensation as the yarn felt more wispy and fragile - which was born out by it snagging on my desk, so I need to rejoin to resume knitting - and while that was a new and fun experience for the first couple times - it's lost its charm. Plus, I must say the satisfaction on getting a washcloth done in an evening or two, really makes up for my finger tip aching. :)

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