Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bean Identity Quandry

I know I planted limas. However, I did not label them. I've also planted bush green beans. I noticed today that I finally had some beans in the garden - but do not know if they are immature limas - or small green beans... The obvious solution is to just let them keep growing - but I so want to have beans of my own..

I don't think any of the parsnips I planted between the beans have germinated. I know they are supposed to have a long germ time - but I think they might not happen. As the carrots also didn't happen this year - it has me wondering about the middle of my garden.


Jo said...

I'm picking lovely French beans at the moment, and my runner beans are in flower so there should be plenty of those to come at a later date.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Ann!I also planted several types of beans together. My runner beans are long and narrow with smooth skin. Others are wider and their skin is rough. I think those are lima... Maybe... Should we plant them separately next year?

Anonymous said...

I love beans. We have a farmer's market nearby.