Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seedling Guilt.

I have too many tomato seedlings. I planted a row each for 4 different varieties in the Jiffy peat pellets. 6 * 4 = 24 Hey, usually about 1/2 die. This year not a one. Plus I bought a few, and planted those (Early Girls).

So tonight I was in the garden planting the veggies that ran out of room for. And I still have more plants than room. But I was pushing on - trying to get as much in. I had citronella candles out - and was breaking sod. However, the candles did no good whatsoever. Except to make me think they might be doing some good. My arms look almost like I have chickenpox.

And I only got a couple plants planted. I did some weeding - but sod clearing is a bit more work. I'm not even doing it properly - which may bite me next year. I did find a near completely intact brick while digging, and broken glass. I dug out what might have been a coneflower plant from the grass - and moved it by the fence. There are a bunch of coneflower possibles next to the garage - that I think I might dig and move somewhere that I can wait to see what happens.


Jo said...

I've found lots of bricks and glass in my allotment whilst I've been digging. 24 tomato plants? Have you found room for them all?

Tatiana said...

Yeep - you'll have tomatoes galore! Are you canning the inevitable excess? Or giving away the bounty?