Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smack my head moment.

I went out into the evening heat (and mosquitoes), and tried to reduce the weeds in the veg garden. And as I was pulling the weeds from what was supposed to be the carrot row - a single remaining carrot 6 inches south has me thinking I hoed under the wrong row. Then, again I did let some old carrots go to seed last year. And somehow in my new compost bin there were two healthy tomato plants (that I dug out and planted).

I had no plants in the middle of my pea rows. But lots of ants. Ants that seemed to still be swarming up the weeds to bite...

So I'm thinking of planting my remaining pepper plants there.

I had rotten luck trying to plant my remaining yellow squash seedlings - all 3 stems snapped as I was just picking up the plants (they had gotten tangled on the cucumbers). The cucumbers survived planting.

The lemon balm and tarragon were getting out of control - so I gave both plants a severe haircut - and then discovered the oregano in between will need trimmed tomorrow too.. I think I'm going to look for a dessert recipe for the tarragon (I've tried pork and chicken and don't really like seafood). And try to see if Martha Stewart ever published her lemon balm -ade recipe. As it is I still threw most of the clippings on the compost.

I did try to assemble a "box" to hold in soil around my potatoes, but the rechargeable drill died while drilling the first hole. Hopefully it wasn't charged long enough - because new batteries cost more than a new drill.


Daphne said...

I wish my tarragon was that prolific. Mine just sits there looking ill. I keep hoping someday it could grow so I could harvest it, but I'm not having any luck with it. The lemon balm however is growing like yours. It is taking over the garden.

Sue said...

Oh, dear, if it's not too late, you may want to take the lemon balm out of the compost pile, as it could take root in there. What I do, is put things like that in a pile of their own that I don't plan on putting anywhere else in the garden. That way, if the seeds of something sprout, or they form roots, they just need to be pulled in one spot.

I have been making tea out of the lemon balm I'm cutting back to keep from going to seed and ranging too far. I have a tea water heater that I put a few cups in that I pour over 2 or 3 decaf tea bags with several sprigs of lemon balm. I let it steep 5 to 10 minutes, add cold water, and remove the tea bags and lemon balm. Even my husband likes it and he is not a big lemon fan. I do the same thing with mint leaves.

Oh, and thanks for faving my blog! I look forward to getting to know you.

AnnF said...

Daphne - my Tarragon didn't really take off until the third year.

Sue - it was 90+ that afternoon and it is very shriveled and dead. Creeping Charlie has sprung back to life for me - but not my lemon balm.