Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Row Cover...

Last year was the first I grew summer squash and zucchini - and the first that I got squash vine borer (maybe they just don't like butternut).

So this spring I transplanted my seedlings under row cover 3 ys, 3 z, and 3 watermelon. And waited until today - when I saw the middle plant had flowers.The wire I had used to support the cloth had actually worn some holes in it. When I removed the cover this is what I found.

One huge y. squash plant in the middle with only male flowers, one zucchini on the end with no buds yet, and one tiny watermelon plant - leaving 6 holes with very happy weeds. Luckily the weeds pulled out easily, and I have some more seedlings that have been waiting inside for me to figure out where the heck I could plant them.

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to need to stay vigilant for SVB. But on the plus side, these 3 plants are bigger than the others (butternut & pattypan) I planted uncovered, the extra heat might have helped if nothing else.


islandgardener said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to have healthy plants!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I've had trouble with vine borers last year. I lost all of my squash (both summer and winter as well pumpkins). I didn't use a row cover this year, but instead sprayed the vines and leaves with Spinosad (you can find it under the product name "Monteray Garden Spray". Spinosad is a similiar BT but longer lasting and more effective. Other gardeners I know have tried this method. The spinosad stays on the stem and then when the vine borer starts boring it gets bite of the stuff and dies after a few days before it can bore and do any damage. Of course you have to spray early before the borers actually get inside of the stem and you have to keep spraying the stems every few weeks as new borers hatch. I'm hoping this works - I'll know in a few weeks I guess. -Jackie

Alyssa said...

One of the reasons I am for the most part perfectly content not planting squash. I am short on space and don't have to mess with the borers!

Ginger said...

well, you know I have problems with them as well! how are you pollinating with that cover on?

my plants have rebounded amazingly (well 90% of them have) after their recent surgery to remove borers!

AnnF said...

Alyssa - the taste of garden fresh spaghetti squash is so much cheaper and better they're worth the sprawl.

Jackie - I'll see if I can find that locally. I'm hoping that I missed the window for the wasps. But given the weird weather, probably not.

Ginger - Everything I read said to take off the row cover when you have your first blossoms and/or it hits 90. So my remaining plants are a bit nekkid.