Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunday Night Patchy Frost Warning...

I was in my porch - contemplating how nice it will be to bring out all the plants that overwintered inside. Outside, where the wind and beneficial insects control aphids and other issues that loom large in the closed ecosystem of the porch.

You see, the ladybug larva - have mostly molted into adults now. There are a few larva left - there were at least 2 hatchings - but the number of adult ladybugs is not as large. I think they have escaped out of the house - in the manner that their parents escaped into it for the winter. Though sitting out there for a few hours last night I saw more than I thought were left..

However, larva eat more aphids than adults - and they are confined to 6 legs - and can't fly towards the florescent lights. So the aphids are beginning to increase again..

All the area in my established garden is planted. And I've placed clear plastic on another section to solarize it. I still have plants to plant, seeds, asparagus, and seed potatoes.. So I need more room.

All the stuff in my garden has frost protection, if it's not frost hardy except for the marigolds. So the couple of heirloom tomato plants I bought when I was unsure if I could find a pack of mortgage lifter seed - Walmart switched to Ferry-Morse seed this year - and Kmart didn't have it in the heirloom selection - only Menard's had it locally. But now the aphids are a returning concern on the porch...

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