Monday, May 25, 2009


Another name for the original orange daylilly is ditchweed - simply because it is on so many roadsides, especially near old abandoned farms... It seems to flourish on abuse. Rather than choke itself out, the roots go deeper and wider.

And as such, it really can overtake a flowerbed if it is not the sole member of it.
Yes, that is a whole cart full of orange daylillies - and there are plenty more in this side bed that need dug out. (They are crowding out the better mannered residents).

The problem is there are likely to be many daylillies emerging from the old roots that didn't come up with the plants. I'm adding a thick layer of newspaper before I mulch - but I know the daylillies will out. Heck, they crowded out my red daylillies that used to be on the right side of the window.

But as you can see - there is a good 5 x 2 ft of daylillies. Plus this is a foundation bed - so it needs to be at a good grade when the plants are removed...

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler - perhaps I'll get more done.

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