Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slow Knitting...

Well, I've not gotten any projects done lately.

Well, I ripped out the bottom of a slightly felted knit cap, and knit on a section to make it longer - but I decreased the needle size - I was thinking that would help the new non-felted section blend better, WRONG!

Also it makes it a bit tight. I've been thinking I should rip it back again, but frankly, the hat really isn't worth it. It was my first with two colors though, and that's why I tried felting it in the first place - thought that it might make the top work better.

Spring is coming here - with a cold, wet, reluctant air. I haven't gotten any peas planted yet - but I don't think the seeds would have sprouted. I also need to rototille the garden this year - for no-till to be successful the soil needs serious amendment - clay.

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