Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Frost, and Knitting Resumes.

I had a kick for a while this summer with knitting washcloths. I didn't realize how quickly Sugar & Cream loses its color - I mean I've read that it fades quickly- but some of the ones I knit in the spring look like antiques. Another factor is that I think I'd move up another size with the needles for the next time I feel like knitting cotton - from the dryer they shrink so much they look too small, but wet they grow an inch or so.

With the cool weather I've resumed my large double-stranded Red Heart yarn afghan. It's huge and heavy - and I think probably more than half done - but the weight makes it impossible to knit more than 2 rows at a time max, and lately my hands are cramping less than halfway through 1 row.

I've started 2 new scarves and finished both of my old scarf projects. The aqua toned one curls quite a bit being mostly in stockinette, and I've been debating whether I should felt it. I really have no idea how it would felt - if the width would shrink more than the length or vice versa. But I'm learning towards felting it with the curling.

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