Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mitten Musing...

I'm nearly done with the body of the first mitten. And I've learned a lot from it, I think.

1) Adding too many stitches after the cuff. I don't recall how many I added. (Need to recount) But with going to the size 4 needles, I could have added 5 less at least.

2) I should have plotted out my felting yarn inserts, especially near the top where I began doing decreases.

3) Not keeping count so I know what to redo for the second mitten. lol

I think I'll decease the number of stitches a bit, on the second mitt. Still contemplating how to handle the thumb.


BTW, watching the news while knitting today was quite depressing. I think the worst part is that on US tv, there was scant foreign news - like the fact the French have bailed out their major auto company. I hope the jobs report pushes through the loans. And I found it interesting that Senators/Representatives from states with foreign based car plants were the biggest naysayers.

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