Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Clean Up

I'm not sure how most cities and towns do this, but in my town there are 2 big trash days a year - Spring and Fall Clean Up. That week all sorts of big items are put on the curb, garages are emptied of the junk, and the recyclers drive by slowly. It's funny, there is a rather long list of things that are banned like a/c, dehumidifiers, and the like - but you can put them out anyway as anything metal tends to be grabbed up within hours of being on the curb.

I thought perhaps there would be less people this year - as the cost of gas is so high that it might rival the amount they get for scrap - but all through the night the sounds of slow passing trucks continued, though the day crowd had already grabbed up the metal from our shed clean out pile. (That's the creepy part, the after dark scroungers.)

Of course, after it is picked over, there is still the question if the garbage men will actually take it all, and a bit of a cheer when they do. Because sofa cushions that may have seen the 60s, and belong to nothing, really don't need to be in a shed.

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